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First gif: Korra’s comment “You’re oppressing yourselves!” was made without thinking and played for comedy with the next comment: “That didn’t even make sense!”

Second gif: The way nonbenders are treated by the thugs in LOK is addressed when Korra beats the living shit out of the assailants.

Third gif: Korra was reacting to the knowledge that the Equalists had Bolin, her friend. 

Fourth gif: The nonbenders here were practicing chi-blocking (which, if you haven’t seen the cartoon, is a way to temporarily take someone’s bending and even paralyze them for further attack). They were being arrested with good reason because chi-blocking was connected to the terrorist group, the Equalists. 

Fifth/sixth/seventh gifs: The way nonbenders are treated by police in this show is obviously unfair and fucking insane. That’s why Korra very quickly parts ways with them and only joins Tarrlok’s task force after being pressured by journalists and people who have convoluted expectations of an Avatar’s duties.

Eighth gif: The guy was part of a GODDAMN TERRORIST ORGANIZATION SUSPECTED OF KIDNAPPING THE AVATAR. I wouldn’t call it a terrorist organization if people hadn’t been KIDNAPPED AND POSSIBLY FUCKING MURDERED BY THEM.

Of course the issue of oppression in this show goes way deeper. But guys. IT’S FUCKING TVY7. IT’S FOR KIDS. Just because people like you and I have nothing better to do than argue about oppression in cartoons on the internet, doesn’t mean it was meant for us. It perhaps could have been dealt with better, but guys.

And if anyone goes into “But nonbenders are never portrayed as strong or interesting!” I will gladly point you towards Asami, Sokka, Suki, Jet, and even Amon for a while. I too would have loved to see Korra without her bending for a longer period of time, so she could prove that people are still strong after being stripped of their bending (and when they weren’t born with it in the first place), but that didn’t happen. That doesn’t make it a bad show. 

As for the comment about the creators being white, I suppose it’s useless to argue that Ki Hyun Ryu, an Asian man, directed every single Legend of Korra episode, huh?

So yeah. I know and love my Avatar. Don’t mess. 

Wow everyone above is missing the entire fucking point of the show. To the person reblogging directly above me: Those were the immediate justifications for those scenes, to make the protagonists seem likable, but it doesn’t mean non-benders are not oppressed. They are.

To the people above that saying “this is what happens when two white guys write about oppression” …jesus fucking christ you are idiots. First of all, Korra is not made by two people, it’s made by hundreds of people. Just because the two show runners are white doesn’t mean it’s a show “made by white people” and also non-white people aren’t the only people to have ever been oppressed Whatever, that doesn’t even matter.

What matters is KORRA WAS AND CONTINUES TO BE WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING AND THAT IS THE WHOLE FUCKING POINT OF THE SHOW. Aang was right about everything and trying to teach the world to think lik him. Korra is wrong about everything and has to fix a world that already thinks like her. It’s the most interesting thing about Legend of Korra. Korra is part of the problem. And she has to realize that before she can be part of the solution. That’s the whole fucking point of the show.

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Like I was reading this whole “geek girl” thing at the same time as I was reading about the gang rape cover up and it was just so fucking bizarre. This whole trigger warning thing is such bullshit. As I was reading the Imposter outrage thing I felt like I was “triggered” way more than learning about a gang rape cover up. Like “trigger warning” Is such a juvenile fucking way of avoiding real things that actually require you to pay attention.